Leavenworth Wine Events 2021

July 20, 2021


Our member wineries are not able to stage a wine walk in September this year.  Between shortage of workers, new outdoor requirements and stabilizing after many COVID pivots, there is not enough steam to rally around a large wine walk event.  November is being considered for a multiple week sip and savor through the Bavarian Village.  Thank you for your devotion to Leavenworth wine events.  We miss you and will keep you posted!  

July 15, 2021

Brown Paper Tickets is refunding ticket holders at this time.  Every single person who has not been refunded is required to be made whole.  We've heard from ticket holders that refunds are proceeding.  The Attorney General confirms.  Thank you for your patience.  

June 17, 2021

We are working on launching a Fall Wine Walk on Sept. 11, 2021.  The event may have to be  scaled down a bit,  but if we are able to get permissions for the town and participation from wineries as everyone reorganizes after COVID restrictions,  you will again have the opportunity to sip and stroll Leavenworth amidst the autumn leaves! :-) We should know status by July 15th!  Thank you for your patience as we keep fingers crossed and eagerly await he chance to welcome you back!  

As always, please be in touch via info@visitwashingtonfarms.com

June 5, 2021

Thank you for letting us know that some of you are still waiting for  Spring Wine Walk ticket refunds!!   We checked with the Secretary of State and here is their statement regarding timings:  

"March 8, 2021.  Under today’s resolution, filed in King County Superior Court, Brown Paper Tickets is required to submit a detailed report on the progress of the refunds to the Attorney General’s Office every 30 days. The resolution is designed to ensure Brown Paper Tickets pays the restitution amount in full as promptly as possible, and hold the company accountable if it fails to do so by the deadline, seven months from the date of the consent decree."  

So by law, BPT has to pay our refunds by Oct. 8!   

March 17, 2021

We finally have good news!  After almost a year of waiting WA State's Attorney General has  agreed to a plan with Brown Paper Tickets that will reimburse $9,000,000 to ticket holders like you and event producers like us!  We remain profoundly sorry so many people were abandoned by the ticket vendor we'd relied on for almost 20 years.   Today we feel hopeful that all will be made right!  Please click this link to the full Seattle Times article. 

Brown Paper Tickets to refund $9 million to 45,000 customers
Five months after the Attorney General’s Office sued Brown Paper Tickets for failing to fulfill its obligations to ticket buyers and event organizers, the ticketing company has agreed to pay $9 million in refunds to 45,000 parties over seven months.

As always, please be in touch via info@visitwashingtonfarms.com

December 22, 2020

Unfortunately, Brown Paper Tickets continues a holding pattern with this ´╗┐STATEMENT.

We have reports that some ticket holders have received 2020 Wine Walk ticket refunds after filing with the WA State AG. However, we called today for an update and learned that the AG's lawsuit is progressing against Brown Paper tickets. 

Because it's an outstanding case, any claims ticket holders now file will not be handled as in normal circumstances. This means that all claims will be diverted to the ongoing case with a possible settlement, if any, at least a year away. We are in the same boat, awaiting the reimbursment of thousands of desperately needed dollars. We are incredibly sorry for the situation and apologize again for our inability to facilitate your refunds from the Spring and Fall Wine Walks. 

Regarding disputing charges with your credit card companies--they may cover you. Please reach out to them and feel free to let them know that you've exhausted all other avenues at this point. 

Thank you for your incredible understanding. 

November 7, 2020

his year has been challenging for everyone! Therefore, we are very sorry to report that Brown Paper Tickets, our excellent ticket vendor for over 17 years, has become unresponsive regarding the money they owe many of you, our Leavenworth Wine Walk ticket holders, as well as funds owed our own non-profit. BPT has issued this STATEMENT.

STRATEGY: If you have not received your ticket refund for the Spring or Fall 2020 Wine Walks we recommend you file with WA State Attorney General's office. This strategy is simple and has worked for a handful of ticket holders willing to try and let us know results. Almost all were refunded. Unfortunately, although we filed, we were ignored. So it's not a guarantee, but a good bet. Please click red link to the right to file.


CANADA CALLED: I got a phone call from a ticket holder in Canada. She was going to contact her credit card company to dispute the charge. If you need to exhaust other avenues before disputing, it might be difficult because BPT is saying they will still refund. It may be that filing with the Attorney General, if not reimbursed, might be considered the final avenue. In addition, Washington's AG filed a suit against Brown Paper Tickets last month for bad business practices citing almost $7,000,000 in event proceeds and refunds owed.

WISHING YOU THE VERY BEST OF LUCK: We apologize for the situation with BPT during these tough times! Thank you for your patience. If you can, please stay in touch and let me know how things progress. You can reach me at info@visitwashingtonfarms.com

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