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By Madeline Nelson, for Savor Central WA

If you are like me, then the first signs of spring wildflowers are likely to generate great anticipation for spring hiking in our area, as well as great curiosity of the plants found growing along our trails. Just this last week I went for a bike ride on the Wenatchee Apple Capitol Loop Trail and was lucky enough to find some of this year’s earliest wildflowers!

Pictured above, is the Spring Draba (Draba Verna). This common little flower grows in large clusters often found in disturbed soils, meadows, and open areas. In this case, the flowers were found along the edges of the path following the Columbia River through the Orchards in Orondo. Making this little flower memorable is Draba Verna’s history of having been used to treat Whitlow Infections (infections in the tip of the finger) when applied externally, due to the leaves astringent qualities. Luckily for us we have alternative options in clearing up these painful maladies with over the counter medicines.

Also found growing alongside the Draba Verna is Lomatium Cous, also known as Biscuit-root. With a name like that you might guess the root of this plant was dug up, boiled, dried, and ground to make “Brick-loaves” a rustic form of bread. This flower is generally found in valley floors, in the foothills, and as high up as above the mountain treeline.

Enjoy your spring steps on our region's beautiful trails.  

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