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World Class Apples (Pears, Cherries and Peaches)


We're celebrating the bounty of tree fruit grown in Central Washington!  To quote local experts who grow seedlings for "stone fruit" trees to fill orchards around the nation: "The best climate for fruit trees is irrigated desert."  Basically that's what you'll experience here- once you hit the Cascade foothills. The Columbia River is a mighty irrigator.  Winds, soil and fall temperatures are also ideal for growing fruit. With these outstanding growing conditions, the Wenatchee Valley has deservedly earned the name of "The Apple Capital of the World."  We invite you to discover the variety and perfection of our tree fruit!  There is some variation year to year, but generally, count of these tree fruit seasons:

Savor Guide In Order Of Appearance:

Cherries: June
Apricots: July
Plums and Pluots: July
Peaches: July/August
Nectarines: August
Apples: August/Sept/October
Pears: September/October/November

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the season.  

  • First, when shopping for fresh tree fruit don't be shy about asking the fruit stand or seller about where and when the fruit was picked. It's fun visiting with the grower! 
  • Buy firm but not hard fruit and avoid bruising or soft spots. For fun, check out the different varieties to discover flavor, aroma and texture. Go ahead, be a detective. Everyone's tastes are different and farmers are usually happy to give free samples and talk to you about their varieties. 
  • One giant advantage in shopping from the orchard, local fruit stand or farmers market is access to "tree ripened fruit." So explore and indulge. 

Updated July 2021. First published July 22, 2019.  


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